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A Different Kind Of Truth

So here it is the long awaited new Van Halen album ď
A Different Kind Of TruthĒ with the one and only Diamond Dave Lee Roth back in the VH vocal spotlight. Unfortunately that spotlight is gonna shine down on a dim performance vocally from DLR. Itís a shame as we go back right to the beginning with VH, back then any lack of vocal range was evened out with breath taking leg splits, outrageous stage persona, awesome background vocals from Michael Anthony and a cool fun loving live experience with all band members an important part of the entertainment, In between the many individual solos and endless DLR waffle you had classics like "Panama", "Hot For Teacher", "Ainít talking About Love", sadly nothing on this release is on par with those songs from the Roth era. A few demo songs have been brought back to life from a coma and the album actually sounds raw and dated and from that era but without the addition of Michael Anthony on vocals Roth is exposed as lacking in both range and strength. Itís not all doom and gloom thereís some typical old school VH here but itís EVH that keeps the interest level going with some tried and tested licks and solos but with an added use of Wah pedal and some deeper, darker riffs and the occasional energetic ditty. The diehard VH fans will dig this release just because Roth is back recording with EVH but without Michael Anthony or Sammy Hagar thereís a lack of vocal power and memorable songs to boast about. My broís face was like a bull dog chewing a wasp when he handed it over in sheer disappointment, I can look at it as a return to more sober times for Eddie whoís looking in good shape and playing well but with such a legacy behind them itís a shame they couldnít find that magic writing formula.

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