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The Story So Far ..
 In a career spanning three decades they emerged from TNWOBHM to international stardom via TV, Radio, and Journalism and more importantly as live performers. Carving their names in rock n roll history, they evolved into one of rocks true ambassadors and created a huge bond with both fans and artiste, becoming well respected throughout the world 

  MTV    The BBs were writers, presenters and co-producers of MTV's
top rated show. Beamed to millions
across Europe, Mick and Dez with their unique
and  fresh alternative look attracted an audience of all ages
Alice Cooper described it as “The number one rock show on the planet” Mick and Dez re- designed the studio set, changed the format and did their own research. Location filming included an exclusive Kiss special in New York and interviewing all the acts at the Monsters Of Rock including Guns ’N’ Roses,
Dave Lee Roth, Iron Maiden
etc. They also filmed in France, Holland, Germany and LondonBailey Brothers had complete control over the music aired and transformed a low budget programme to a no 1 rated show.

Sky TV- Mick and Dez have also presented for Sky TV; on location in Germany and a London music show.

 ECT the Bailey’s were utilised by executive producer Keith Macmillan(ITV chart show) in the filming of a 12 week live music show, They featured in several  of the scheduled programmes and  were used as consultants, choosing some of the acts that appeared such as Gary Moore & Phil Lynott
  Yorkshire Television invited the Baileys  as guests on several occasions. High-profile interviews with the Baileys included coverage when they received a personal invitation from David Bowie to introduce him on stage in Yorkshire (he was a big fan of their MTV show).


Bailey Brothers Live !
 Lyceum, Brixton Academy The Bailey Brothers started their career as DJ’s and helped pioneer American rock in the UK. Their unique act saw them quickly rise through the live club circuit until they were soon playing all the major  venues such as The Birmingham Odeon . London Dominion,  Marquee, London Lyceum ,  Clarendon Hotel, Nottingham Rock City,  . Hammersmith Palais .Camden Palace, Electric Ballroom ,Rock Palace, The Rock House,  Porterhouse, Leeds Queens Hall and many more
  Lorely in Germany Lorely in Germany launched Mick and Dez to 15000 German rock fans but more importantly Europe's top rock magazine Metal Hammer had discovered an ally that would help them launch their magazine in England. They were soon elevated onto the festival circuit and were on the bill at the Monsters Of Rock with Kiss, Bon Jovi, Iron Maiden and were a huge success in front of over a 110,000 fans. This lead to many more appearances at this level
   Metal Hammer - the Bailey Brothers helped launch the magazine in the UK. They were given a free hand to write and feature in two pages for over six years and were instrumental in making the magazine a success. They have also scribed for Fireworks, Forbidden Freak (Poland) Rock It (Germany) and www. 
   The Bailey Brothers hit the front cover of London’s Time Out magazine after their first London appearance and the media attention has continued to this day. They have enjoyed coverage in the major tabloids such as the Daily Mirror and Kerrang and featured in 4 books towards the end of 2010.  They also enjoyed a full double page feature in their own local tabloid The Star.
Internationally they have been interviewed and featured all over the world.
  BBC Radio One Invited the Bailey
Brothers as guests for an hour long show with radio One DJ Janice Long. Many ILR stations have also invited Mick and Dez as guests. 
Bailey Brothers Rock Show - After years of being invited as guests on many ILR radio stations Mick and Dez fulfilled a personal ambition to write, produce and present the Bailey Brothers Rock Show. Once again attracting the big guns such as Whitesnake and Iron Maiden etc. the show was soon networked. 
  Baileys Comet

 Judgement Day - Dez composed and
arranged all the music and predominantly wrote most of the lyrics and vocal
melodies on the
Judgement Day album. He also produced this critically acclaimed album which was released on Frontiers Records in Europe and Nippon Crown in Japan.

Baileys Comet headlined “The Day Of Judgement” tour with ex Black Sabbath vocalist Tony Martin fronting the band. 
Bringing You Home  
  Dez Bailey’s song writing prowess was spotted on face book and he was asked to merge two genres, rock and rap and work with uprising rap artiste Qwes Kross (universal artiste) from LA. The result was a Dez Bailey ballad composition titled “Bringing You Home”, a moving song reflecting the anguish of losing a loved one at war, tipped to be a major hit.  Dez is becoming a much sort after composer who has been approached for film scores and to write and produce for artistes in Norway and a major LA composer who has collaborated with the likes of David Bowie. The Bailey’s plan a concept album featuring Dez Bailey penned songs and featuring many of their famous friends in the music business.
The ever evolving Bailey Brothers are building a recording studio which will be a creative hub for audio and visual productions. They hope to be making TV documentaries, pitching new TV show formats, recording music and developing artiste. The Bailey’s are unique, unpredictable and as enthusiastic as ever. Watch this space because you never
know what the
Bailey’s will be up to next.

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